• how deep is the ocean
  • i'm just a lucky so and so
  • beatiful friendship
  • (i've got the) world on a string
  • close enough for love
  • day in, day out
  • the very thought of you
  • love you madly
  • where can i go without you
  • looking at you
  • the swing song
    (swing high, swing low)
  • come out and play
  • silences
  • why do we do it?
  • nighttime lady
  • lucky's theme III
  • what have you got to lose

Shanna Carlson
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Contact Information
Shanna Carlson
P.O. Box 2252
Castro Vally, Ca 94546
Phone: 510-537-0727
Fax: 510-886-8176

"Swing High, Swing Low"

Buy now at: www.shannacarlson.com

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