A review from CADENCE, May 1999 issue Vol 25 No. 8 written by Frank Rubolino. The CD is "HERE I AM", Vocalist-Ronnie Wells, Pianist & Arranger- RonElliston, with an all-star jazz quintet. It features 15 songs- words and music by Ed Greenebaum.

" Vocalist Wells teams up with pianist Elliston and his band to do an album completely dedicated to the songs of Ed Greenebaum. It is not likely that you will recognize any of these songs, yet after only one playing, they will seem natural and familiar. Greenebaum is a composer and lyricist right out of the Tin Pan Alley genre whose music holds up well when compared to some of the most famous songwriters that America has produced. Wells does a lovely job in presenting the material. She has a natural elegance when singing the ballads and a swinging tone on the faster pieces. Her voice has a sultry quality that evokes images of Sarah with its earthiness. She interprets the tunes in a jazzy way that does credit to the composer but also exposes her as a definite talent in the field. Wells and Elliston have performed together previously, and the communal experience is obvious in this presentation. Elliston is a singer's pianist, adding the right touch and tone to promote the vocal while providing the swing necessary to make the songs gel. He uses the trio format with King and Smith plus guitarist Abshire and tenor player Swain to enliven the proceedings. Greenebaum's tunes lend themselves easily to the jazz format. The band expounds playfully during singing breaks with delightful and elegant verve. The recording is a throwback to the time when song- writers wrote songs that all America sang. I guess that is how standards became standards. Wells gives the lyrics the right spin, and Elliston and the band provide just the right amount of dash. The union of composer and performer has produced an enjoyable product."

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