Jump 4 Joy
Angela Carole Brown
Carrie Landsgaard
Yvonne Perkins "For His Glory"
Jerry Drake
Lisa Baker
Chicago Blues Reunion
Global Groove Records
Eileina Williams
Bill Babnick
Brenda Earle
Papa Joe Grappa
Inner City Blues Band
John Barney and the 11th Floor
Sandra Moon Johnson
Department Lounge
Deborah Shulman

Paul Thomas Yoder "Dreamin'"
Sheet Music Man
Ladell McLin "Stand Out"
Refusion Project
Linn Brown "Mend"
Elliott Chavers "Funky Stuff"
Evin Gibson
Chris Greene
Three Voices from the N-Side
Jetro da Silva Live
Trevor Finlay
Mark Gandy
Bluesman Tom Malafarina
Attila Kovacs
Baby's Got The Blues
Brother 2 Brother
Voodoo DeVille Band!
Cris Barber "Comes Love"

Kate Michaels "Just Marilyn"
Kenny Brooks "Jetstream"
Kevin Neal "Fresh Anointing"
KB Bonus
Phifer Marshall Band
Blues Art Studio
Darron McKinney
Anthony Cinquini
Niki Andre "First Light"
Homeless In America
The Hank Hirsh Quintet
Eugene Maslov
Bryan Grant
Raymond Simmons
kayle brecher "Spy Music"

Tori Sparks "Rivers + Roads"
Mojo Watson "Black Beauty"
Anita Jarrell "This Is My Story"
Ralph Napolitano
Jim Vick Combo
Project Natale
Cantillon Music
Royalty Free Music
Paul Jackson
Eugene Grey
barb mitchell
Wynnde Vessup & Friends
The Crossroads Band
Zoe Chilco "Up The Highway"
Michael Simon
Lady Forte' (You and Me)
The Johnny Max Band

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