Webpage: http://www.smooveonline.com
Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia, U.S.A.
Description: Produce/artist Rayedan a member of the powerhouse production team the 'Beat MunStars'.
Biography: Artist "Rayedan" was born in Milwaukee, WI. At an early age he began to have a passion for music. At the age of 12 while watching Yo'MTV Raps is when Rayedan, born Darren Dancil, began to daydream about becoming an artist. In the early 90s Rayedan, his brother and his cousin started their own rap group called COG. By the summer of 1990 they had saved enough money to purchase a pair of Panasonic turntables, a Roland 606 and a Radio Shack mixer w/mic and set up studio in his mothers basement. Thats when he came to be recognized as the DJ known as D.C. The young group performed at many talent shows winning a number of prizes. As years went by the group began to diminish, but his passion for music never went away. By the time he was in high school all the hours that were usually spent in the basement(which was the studio)were now being spent in the streets. Rayedan began to get involved with local street gangs and start hanging out with the wrong people, which led to various run-ins with the law. But Rayedan had a praying mother that would always remind him to trust God, put God first and never give up on his dreams. In 1998 he moved to Atlanta, GA where him and his brother AL started their own production company called Smoove Entertainment,Inc. Through the rough times of starting a company, filled with disappointments and being mislead by major labels and industry executives, he kept his faith. At times things seemed like they were getting worse instead of better. But doubt never filled his mind, remembering the words of his late grandfather James Richardson, Keep going, never give up, he began to work even harder. Later that year Smoove Entertainment,Inc. released their first CD titled Smoove, in which the single Do you like what u see won an award from the Georgia Music Industry Association. He later decided to lean more toward the production side of music and began to work with various artists in the Atlanta area. In May of 2004 a new track written and produced by Rayedan titled Mr. Hiccup was released. This single was initially a ploy to gain exposure for their production company, but after it began to top charts at numerous record pools, get constant airplay on mix shows, Internet radio and in clubs across the county and overseas it brought forth the upcoming release of his next hit single titled I Came. This is only the beginning for the artist/producer. As chapter 2 begins be on the look out for multi platinum releases produced by Rayedan.
Press Release:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Darren Dancil Marketing Director Smoove Entertainment, Inc. Po Box 830485 Stone Mountain, GA 30083 ph: 1-800-519-3010/404-434-0694 email: Darren@smooveonline.com Beat MunStars Unleashed Vol.1 has finally arrived! Atlanta 4/12/06 The much-anticipated release of "Beat MunStars Unleashed Vol.1 is finally here! After months of adrenaline building, frantic pacing and unsettling patience, the wait is over. It seams like an eternity since you've last heard Rayedan’s wittingly smooth voice ripping over the captivating tracks formulated by the monsters of the midway, whom millions of fans and DJs alike have grown to love, the "Beat MunStars". This extraordinary album has all of the elements of a industry leading mixtape with the fusion of different flavors, all hits, but only one artist. Most of you probably already heard one of Rayedan's tracks pumping thru your local club, computer or car speakers. As a member of the powerhouse production team the "Beat MunStars", the Producer/ Artist Rayedan, tracks and songs have been ripping the charts and burning the airways since early May of 2004. Rayedan's tracks have been featured in countless mixtapes, mixshows and stations across the globe. With the success of his debut single "Mr. Hiccup" the floodgates have opened and paved the way for the follow up release "Beat MunStars Unleashed Vol.1". Only in it's infant stage the album has already been classified as a must have for anyone that enjoys lyrical four play combined with beats and melodies that'll make your speakers breath. Rayedan... Beat MunStars! So what happens when the two forces collide? With No boundaries... No limitations... No restraints! Smoove Entertainment presents to you "Beat MunStars Unleashed Vol.1! So keep your eyes locked and your ears tuned, because 2006 is going to be even bigger. With new projects and collaborations on the horizon, this will be the year of the MunStars.... STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT THE REST...
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