Biography: For the Lord has chosen Zion; He desires it for His dwelling place! Psalms 132:13 In the fall of 2001 and through the vision of her husband, Barry, Marcy bought into the vision and EKKLESIA was birthed! EKKLESIA is Greek for The Church or The Called-Out Ones. Together, EKKLESIA is a bonded group of believers that enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ and want to share their joy through melodies and songs of the goodness of Jesus. In June 2002, EKKLESIA debuted, and in August of 2003 produced the freshman CD entitled All For Love! The CD is a compilation of God-given and life-inspired tunes written by Marcy and chief musician, Damon Bray. Damon and Marcy work together as musicians and instructors in their local ministry at Victory Christian Life Center, under the covering of Senior Pastor, Marcellous A. Buckner. The CD has done well in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD metropolitan areas, and in Canada. Our Mission: To win souls to the Body of Christ through our music thats filled with love and lyrics that touch the heart & soul Our Purpose: To show forth the praises of Him (Jesus Christ) who has called us for this reason Our Duty: To be a light in dark places and bring a smile to millions of faces The vocalists are: Marcy F. Morman, Carol Hawkins, Dawn Taylor, Juanita Radden, and Rosia Smith. The musicians are: Damon Bray, W. Julian Franklin, Christopher Stephens, Brandon Friph; with accompaniments from Dannie Ellis and Maurice Mo Davis. EKKLESIA is POSITIONED, PURPOSED & EMPOWERED to PRAISE and do all that we do as unto the Lord because the Lord has chosen Zion for its His dwelling place! Peace! Marcy Morman & EKKLESIA
Press Release:
Press Release  February 2006 Marcy Morman & EKKLESIA are back and better than ever with their sophomore project, "My Secret Place"! The savvy, soulful, jazzy tunes and the piercing lyrics are sure to capture the listener's attention as they ponder God's goodness now and always! This CD has something for everyone, from 8 to 80; something to capture everyone's soul! The introductory sound of "Imma Whosoever" is sure to remind one that their name is not important, but the fact that they are or can be a child of the King is all anyone need remember. Mr. Courtney M. Nero, lends his alto and tenor saxophone expertise and smoothness to such tunes as Bless God, My Secret Place, Its All About You, and others! EKKLESIA is proud that Carol, Dawn, Juanita and Rosia stretch their voices to proclaim that Jesus is Lord through the lyrics that you will hear. They are true warriors and understand what it means to be a praiser and a worshipper of Christ! &and what would EKKLESIA be without the super talents of its musicians that carry the tunes to another level. Chris, Damon and Julian blend percussion, keyboards, and drums that are complemented by the producer, Maurice, Mo Davis, who captivates listeners with his expert skills on organ, synthesizer, clavinet, bass programs and piano. These talents combined make for a musical masterpiece every time. EKKLESIA is managed by Minister Barry Morman whose God-given vision is materializing before all that know this awesome group of faithful warriors! Check out the project and see which songs speak to the needs of your heart! Called Out! Marcy F. Morman

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