J.J. Vicars
Webpage: http://www.jjvicars.com
Location: Chofu-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Description: Hard Drivin' Blues,Boogie & Rock'n'Roll
Biography: J.J. tore outta Hell in a '57 Chevy with backward flames,a 350 under the hood decked out with Edelbrock carb,headers and intake manifold. He develpoed his signature hard-driving style starting with garge bands in Houston,TX and then during a tour of Japan at 16 where he stayed for 5 years.His further refined his barrelhouse boogie during his years with the BluesRock trio The Roadkings,playing every biker bar in the Mid-West. In 2001 while living in Austin,TX he struck out on his own,recording an independant EP,SCI-FI DINER,which was re-released in December 2005 as a full-length CD on his independant ANNIE GATOR RECORDS.Currently wanted by the government for not voting Republican and espousing the joys of no-holds-barred rockin' in the face of enroaching conservatism he's holed up in Tokyo,Japan leading his own trio and working on his sophmore effort.
Press Release:

BluesRock Guitarist J.J. Vicars Teaches In Japan To Finance Debut

Tokyo,Japan (April 27th,2006)-In a new twist on the old story about American Jazz musician's going to Europe to receive long-overdue recognition America's hottest up-and-coming Blues-Rock guitarist had to go to Japan to finance his projects.

He recorded his debut in Austin,a side project in Phoenix,and settled into an after hours slot in Vegas.In a time known as 'a cross between Vietnam and The Great Depression' musicians all across the country were feeling the crunch of soaring gas prices,a floundering economy,a government hijacked by religious fanatics,an illegal war,and a nation bitterly divided when the economy finally tanked in late 2003.

Never one to give up,when his Japanese wife decided to head back home he followed her to his in-laws' house on the outskirts of Tokyo where he got a 'day job' teaching English and a couple credit cards.While gigging in clubs,restaraunts and U.S. military bases he used his newfound finances to put up his website and release his long-awaited debut SCI-FI DINER,recorded back in Austin.The CD was immediately picked up by European radio and received top reviews in the press.In another twist on an old classic,every underdog has his day!


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