B. Ross
Webpage: http://www.reigncheckentertainment.com
Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA
Description: B. Ross represents the "New Southern Rap Movement"
Biography: B. Ross is "King" at Reign Check Entertainment. His southern swagger, his confidence on the microphone, and lyrical content makes him one of the elite in the rap game. B. Ross not only represents southern rap, he represents the rap game as a whole. B. Ross' debut album, F.L.A. (Fully Loaded Ammunition), is the complete package. The album has something for the ladies, club bangers, street anthems, and stories of B. Ross' life. The song "Florida" represents the great state where B. Ross was born and raised. "I had to do an anthem song for Florida. It's about time other states recognize how we do things down here". B. Ross was born on October 30, 1986 in Fort Myers, Florida. He began rapping at a young age with his cousins-- it wasn't long before he decided he wanted to be a rapper. B. Ross is one of six kids, and even though he faced hard times, his love for the rap game helped him get through the tough times. "My story is like a lot of us that grow up in the ghetto. Being broke and coming home with no lights on----it's not easy living like that but it only made me stronger". Growing up in this environment, B. Ross turned his attention to the hustle game, but he learned that was not the life he wanted to live. In 2002, B. Ross moved to Gainesville where he attended Buchholz High School. In 2005, B. Ross received his High School Diploma. "Getting my high school diploma meant a lot to me. I knew then that I could accomplish anything". The same way I hustled to get my diploma is the same way I'm going to hustle the rap game. Brillion Williams, CEO of Reign Check Entertainment, knew right away that she had to sign B. Ross to her label. "B.Ross is the best in the booth. He has star power---no matter where he goes, he turns heads". B. Ross is a force to be reckoned with. F. L. A. (Fully Loaded Ammunition) is just the beginning.
Press Release:
Reign Check Entertainment is a record label founded by CEO Brillion Williams in 2005. Gainesville, Florida is where Reign Check Entertainment calls home. The record label plans to make a huge impact in the entertainment industry by producing all genres of music. Reign Check Entertainment judges artists based on talent, not by the type of music they create. "Whether it's Rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, Gospel, it doesn't matter, I am only interested in talent", states Williams. The label's slogan is, When it reigns, it pours. Reign Check Entertainment's first artist, B. Ross, is setting the standard for the future artists of Reign Check. "B. Ross represents what I look for in an artist----charisma, star power, and confidence". Reign Check Entertainment doesn't want to be just another record label. Its main objective is to stand apart from the norm.

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